I Was So Happy….

What was your happiest moment this year? How did you feel in your body that proves it to you?

Don’t overthink it. Feelings are faster, and thinking just muddies the waters. Happy people are in touch with their feelings, and where they are located in their body.

Don’t tell anyone. You’ll just try to impress them and not listen for your Truth. This is all about listening to you on the inside. Self confident people are their own witness.

Don’t compare to other moments. You’ll never recreate that moment or feeling, and trying is narcissism. Happy people are fully present, aware of reality, curious and willing to humbly accept what they learn.

The goal is to remember you were happy, and to replay that experience like watching a movie or reading a story. Happy people train themselves to watch for those patterns, and ultimately to seek them. The point of the goal is to guide our future selves to seek that which is conducive to the greatest future happiness. Put another way: this is seeking meaning with an acceptance that it is found in a sea of constant change.

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