I Was Wrong

I was wrong

I thought it didn’t matter, but I was wrong. Another year had passed, and I didn’t notice anything different. Every day is still a struggle. But I did it anyway…

“Shrug it all off and wipe it clear—every annoyance and distraction and reach utter stillness.”

Marcus Aurelius

It wasn’t about me. That’s where I was wrong.

“I couldn’t do anything.

I couldn’t see anything.

I couldn’t feel anything.

I couldn’t do … anything that a human could.

It was like I just let go from the earth. My brain kind of just like shut off.”

Olivia Phelps 1/27/21

The change had happened in my daughter. Last night we meditated as a family before bed. This was the third time for us, but my 866th day in a row of meditating. Olivia had felt the change. Not me. Ultimately, I shouldn’t be that surprised that the change would be in someone I love.

Thank you Olivia for once again reminding me that we do have the power to effect real change for the ones we love. 🙏🏻❤️

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