We Want What We See

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

If seeing is believing, and we are what we eat can we guide what we want or believe by guiding what we look at?

Yes. Certainly, but only to a point.

Remember, the emperor has no clothes.

We cannot truthfully see ourselves, even through the lens of time, anymore than we can see the back of our own heads! Our eyes can only see a fixed point and everything is always changing. Maybe seeing is the wrong word. Observe is better. Fixed points have limited value in terms of reference. They constantly decay. However, there is value in seeing the continuum of change. The distance between. That which we are becoming. The real value lies in seeing the potential difference, but that’s hidden in the eye of the ouroboros.

Is it what you see, or is it what you look at?

What’s the difference?

I will tell you!

It’s will.

Unrestrained will.

We want what we see.

We become what we want.

Only to see we were wrong once again.

Perception. Analysis. Aspiration. Synthesis. Rejection.

Repression. Repression. Repression. !!!

The thesis becomes the antithesis.

The serpent eats its own tail.

The Ouroboros teaches us.

The cycle of Saṃsāra.

We are lost through the process of assimilation, and are reborn; pure, and clean. In this way we lose ourselves, literally in the process. Even the process of looking. Like looking at a Mandala.

By N.Manytchkine – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

If you willfully put things in front of your self enough times, you will want it. Will through time.

It’s not a matter of pushing through with will. Scrunching your face won’t help. It’s really a matter of having the will to just simply follow through. And try again. 100 times.

That’s the difference.

Restricted will through repetition.

Further, sometimes you must restrict your will by removing it from your sight altogether.

By restricting will on as many levels as possible you can reduce mistakes in the decision making process.

But what about repression? Do it lightly, and repression is less of an issue. Scrunch up your face, resent it, or get disproportionally angry and repression will haunt you for life.

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