Personal Changes For 2020 :

This year I did my first thorough in-depth annual review. It was quite time-consuming, and a very good experience. I’m certain I will do one next year, and it will be much quicker and even more beneficial. I found the best explanation of how to do one in James Clear’s book Atomic Habits, and on his webpage. Get started here: 

James Clear Annual Review

Make sure and scroll to the bottom to see his archive and explainations. After much reflection, I’ve decided not to share significant portions of mine because they felt like bragging and scolding. Both are behaviors I’m specifically trying to avoid doing without purpose, and I addressed that within the review specifically by name. I decided to focus on sharing behaviors I want to consciously change. That seemed worth sharing to keep myself committed.

Looking ahead to 2020:

Most importantly I want to compose more original music.
Generate resources and income for me, and my family.
Create a product that scales.
Portion planning.
Relationship boundaries.
Accept help when offered.
Don’t exaggerate or brag.
Talk to friends in a thoughtful manner about emotional trigger events specifically to keep them from leaking out later unintentionally. Be more conscious about the balance between being vulnerable and not exposing too much personal info. Plan those conversations in advance to keep them clear and focused.
I need to delegate more to complete more.
I need to say no more to make more time for composition.
Create original material daily.

INTEGRITY REPORT – micro version

In June I wrote a sort of integrity report similar to James Clear’s ANNUAL REVIEW in the form of a birthday wish:

I feel like it belongs with this, so I’m attaching it here. I intend to write more about my integrity report in blog soon too, so consider this a taste and follow my blog to hear more:

From my Birthday wish:

I will remember that by choosing my purpose, I reframe the entire world.
That by changing what I look for, I can completely change what I experience.
I will know that my moment by moment experience is literally defined by that purpose.
That our perception is teleological in nature, meaning it projects a design and structure onto the universe that is not necessarily there.
I will strive to behave rationally, and accept my limits with humility and understanding so that I can do the same for those around me.
This year I WILL be a good father, son, friend, and teacher by being a better partner to myself first.
This will be the support for my compassion.


Listen for meaning.
Bias for purpose.
Keep perspective.

Ends not means. – Immanuel Kant’s formula for how to treat people.

Renounce and Enjoy. – Ghandi’s Summary of The Bhagavad Gita

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