Olivia’s Tooth

Olivia lost her first tooth yesterday. She asked me to pull it out right after school. It was bothering her and just dangling. At first she was afraid, but she wanted it out. I said imagine what it will be like when it’s out and you show Grace. She showed me this huge face. I said now imagine making that face and showing Grace after Drama Class while I pull it out. That sounded good to her. I wrapped it with dental floss and applied the tiniest bit of pressure. It just popped off. We were both like, “ooh. That’s all?“. She was ecstatic to have it out! It bothered her because she had two teeth in a row on the bottom. Now it’s one. Done.

Big Smile !


The image that we hold of ourselves in our mind is very important. By visualizing what that will look like in the future, we allow ourselves to transform, and grow. Emulating that “future self” is the best route I’ve found to personal growth. YMMV.

Really, this is all selfish of me. I’m only writing this down so that I can understand it, review it, and remember it. I’m only sharing it so that I will hold myself accountable in the future. If anyone else ever reads this, well that’s just my good fortune. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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