My Best Blog Posts of 2019

Revisiting Purpose:
Achieving a meaningful purpose produces joy.

Make the most of your Monday:

The Hierarchy of Personas:
Observing, The Self keeps perspective.

From Approval to Acceptance:
Is this process the meaning of life? Well, that’s clearly up to you. Get it? You decide.

I Choose:
I choose what they mean. If they mean anything at all.

Be a man:
Talk very little, but be decisive. Only raise your voice to be heard. Be fiercely loyal.

Mr Rogers Was an Assassin:
Today, in this midst of this chaos, I’m going to look for the helpers because they are there.

How to motivate kids:
Tell your children who they are.

We Write Ourselves:
We literally write ourselves. With reflection, we create our identities. Or, our habits do. It’s all in the stories we tell ourselves…

Why must we ROCK:
Identity – Perspective – Purpose

Thanks for making it my best year of writing ever!

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