Get ready for Daylight Saving Time!

I’ve got a plan to help me deal with daylight saving time, and it works. The week before I start eating up to one hour later in the evening. When I “fall back”, I will be essentially eating one hour later, and doing this a week early minimizes the shift for my “over all sleep rhythm”.

Here’s a picture to help visualize the shift:

The Daylight Saving Time shift on Saturday.
The Daylight Saving Time shift on Saturday.

Note the shift on Saturday. Time shifts earlier, and my body stays the same.

Next week, I will plan to have a little more coffee in the evening because I’ll be tired earlier. It will probably take three weeks for this to go away. I’ve found I can adjust my sleep by 15 minutes one way or the other a week, but no more. I just won’t sleep. So, the only solution is to plan for it, and know I will wake up one hour earlier.

I hope this helps you too.

P.S. Yes, it’s Daylight Saving Time without an s.

P.P.S I’ve written about Day Light Saving Time before here, an here.

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