Who Is The Boss?

Ok, Tough guy. You sure?

What’s it worth to you?


Cause this isn’t about me….

I don’t even want this job.

Look. I’d just give it to you, if I thought you could do it.

But you can’t. I know. You don’t want to hear it. But, if you want to be the top dog, you better know your job. Cause the wolves are real, and this isn’t the Lion King.

Sympathize with your tribe, and stick up for the little guy. That’s it.

Look at it this way, if your job is fighting, what are you going to get? I know, I know, you’ll keep at it, but I can see you are getting tired. All that armor, it weighs you down…. and that big sword you keep swinging…

Know this: your family, they taught you wrong, and you are just being a bully.

The job of an Alpha is this:

  1. Showing empathy.
  2. Coalition building through reciprocity.

That’s why I left my armor at home, and we are still dancing like fools. Look around. All that noise you are making has alerted everyone! Look! All around! And look! There is my youngest daughter! She lives to prove herself, and LOVES to FIGHT !!! She will fight you …

Aaaah. Just as I thought, you are like all the others.

Every one of you, ready to CRUSH an unarmed man to be the boss, but none of you ever wants to risk losing to a girl.

Now, who is your Daddy Steve?

The Pillars of Morality.

That’s who.

Thanks @Jordan Peterson for making me aware of this, and helping me to understand it.

Thanks to Robin Black for demonstrating how to channel aggression in an ethical way.

And thanks to Frans de Waal clearing things up, and trying to fixing Newt’s Gingrich’s mistake.

PS: There are three types of pressure that can be applied. Verbal, physical, and social. Which do you think is the most useful?

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