My Birthday Wish

My Birthday Wish:

I woke up with a song playing, and a wish. The lyrics fit my birthday wish so perfectly, I couldn’t believe it.

My wish is long… and the day is young…. In fact, it will probably take all year….

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”

Mark Twain.

This year I will strive to carry a load, while being mindful of Sisyphus. I will remember it is enough to carry the right load, and try not to be proud of it.

This year I will make things better, and I will refine and choose my purpose with care. Thanks Dr Jordan B Peterson for helping me to see why, and how in 12 Rules For Life.

I will strive to do my part, and focus on doing the next right thing. Marcus Aurelius will be my guide with his book Meditatons. Thanks Ryan Holiday for introducing me to the stoics.

I will treat people as ends and never means.

I will choose my suffering. Thanks Mark Manson for blowing my mind with The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, and for putting it back together with Everything is Fucked. These books will awaken, and nature the inner cynic in me.

This year I will continue to Improve one percent every day. This year I will continue to Improve one percent every day, and will use James Clear’s book Atomic Habits as my guide.

  • I will:
  • Treat my mind with curiosity, equanimity, and understanding.
  • Sit with my emotions non-reactively.
  • Enjoy the clarity of a supple, relaxed mind.
  • Thanks to AndyPuddicombe and Headspace

This year I will continue to be productive, non-reactive, and return to my center knowing that I have a trusted system AND METHOD to do so thanks to Kourosh Dini

I will be especially mindful of choosing my heroes wisely, while understanding they are humans with human weaknesses and limitations. With that in mind, I pledge to make many mistakes. Quickly, and efficiently I will take note, and improve what is within my control. I will let go of the rest, and forget it as if it never happened knowing that our ability to do that is disappearing rapidly.

This year I will remind myself that I am strong, competent, and worthy as often as I possibly can stand to, and I will recognize and reframe my tendency to loathe tedious self help pablum into an appreciation for the constant striving of the human spirit to improve. 1

Happiness? Yeah, I just don’t care about that. Now I understand why. This year I will work to reframe, and integrate that. What do I care about? Purpose. I choose my suffering rather than seek happiness. 2

This year I WILL recognize the happiness of the day as it comes and goes. I WILL pause to accept and reflect on the simple joys presented in the day to day passing of life.

I will seek to understand, and support those simple joys. With that understanding, I will focus my purpose on seeking joy. I will know the difference because happiness fades away, and joy is infinite. 3

I will “renounce and enjoy”. I will let go of the attachment to the outcome of my actions, and focus on doing the right thing and making things better. In a word, enjoy. 4

This year I will define what “the self” is to me with clarity and bravery, write it down, and I will share it because if I don’t know my self…. ???

I will remember that by choosing my purpose, I reframe the entire world. I will remember that by changing what I look for, I can completely change what I experience.

I will know that my moment by moment experience is literally defined by that purpose. It is not that the universe is teleological, it is that our perception is.

I will strive to behave rationally, and accept my limits with humility and understanding so that I can do the same for those around me. This will be the support for my compassion.

This year I WILL be a good father, son, friend, and teacher.

This year, I will be a better person to others by being a better partner to myself first. Because if I am worthy, so are you, so are all of us, and that’s how we make the world a better place.

  1. This idea is from the book Everything Is Fucked by Mark Manson. It’s what I need for this year. I’m sure YOU would need something different from that book. This is for ME.
  2. This idea was influence by The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson, and 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson. Again, this idea may not float your boat. It’s for ME, and you’d probably come away with something different.
  3. I’ve come across this idea many places, but this version is from the Dalai Lama’s Twitter Account. 🙂 It’s clearly universal.
  4. Mahatma Gandhi shared this summary of the Bhagavad Gita, and it neatly summarized A LOT of important ideas for me. It’s far too short in this form to really make sense out of, but it’s perfect as a pneumonic device for me to remember what I’ve learned so far from The Gita.

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