How to Handle The Dreaded ‘Reply All Moment’


I’ve had this happen more than once on text messages! Help?

This article is hilarious, and has some terrific advice:

“I blame a small child — son, niece, nephew, whatever,” Roanne Martin said.

Well, now we know when it’s socially acceptable to blame your child for your own mistakes! Seriously, after reading the article I can understand but I don’t condone that sort of behavior.

“OK, so I was online dating a lot,” Shirley Goldberg remembered. After each date, she liked to send a summary to her girlfriend. “On the day I hit ‘Reply to All,’ I had four emails open, one of them directed to the entire staff of my school. Somehow I got the emails mixed up.”

You’ll have to read it for the punch line, but first look at this one:

Then there’s the therapist Robyn Renée, who got her text-message threads confused. She wound up texting one of her therapy clients with a message intended for her ex-husband.

Now that’s awesome! I love David Pogue’s writing, and this article doesn’t disappoint. There’s great advice, as usual:

  • Enter the address last. – This would work, if I wasn’t always replying…
  • Give yourself an “Oh no!” window. – Here, he explains how to add a delay in your email program. This looks like a good solution, and I might try it.
  • Remove the Reply All button on your end. – Yep. I already did this.

Great ideas! Do you use any tricks with text messages? I need help!

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