Best Articles of 2018

Creator / Destroyer:

I read to keep up on what’s happening in the world, and to balance that truth with some light and happy entertainment. I came across some articles that stood out, and I’d like to make note of them and share.



In mythology, the creator side is the positive force of nature. It brings forth things that bring joy, and are for the general good. The first few articles brightened my day in some way because they represent the better side of people. They bring me joy, and are best represented by the creator side. 2018 had some darkness too, but these articles bring light:

My Dad’s Friendship With Charles Barkley
This is a fantastic feel good article to start with about two unlikely friends that should serve as a reminder to all of us that the best things in life can come from unexpected places.

How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions
This is an engaging story that almost reads like a Coen Brother’s movie like Burn After Reading, or Hail, Caesar. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a fairly long read at about 40 minutes, and likely the longest of this year.

Eight-year-old Swedish-American girl pulls pre-Viking era sword from lake
Her name is Saga, and by the old laws she is now the Queen of Sweden, and ruler of the Earth:
“All Hail the new Queen of Sweden”
“It’s not every day that one steps on a sword in the lake!” Mikael Nordström from Jönköpings Läns Museum said when explaining the significance of the find. But that’s exactly what happened to Saga Vanecek, who found the relic at the Vidöstern lake in Tånnö, Småland earlier this summer. “I was outside in the water, throwing sticks and stones and stuff to see how far they skip, and then I found some kind of stick,” Saga told The Local.
This is not something that happens every day.

US aircraft carrier was stalked for days by a UFO travelling at ‘ballistic missile speed’ which could hover above the sea for six days, leaked Pentagon report reveals
This specific episode is pretty hard to discount because of the detail and the fact that it’s well documented by multiple experts over a period of almost a week. And they’ve got video! Make sure and watch the video. That’s what makes this all the more mind blowing.
4 minutes to read.


In mythology, the destroyer represents the dark energies of nature associated with destruction and the cleansing force of death. 2018 had its share of darkness, and I won’t belabor that here. The destroyer can also represent an opportunity for responsibility. A challenge worthy of rising to. Looked at in that way these articles can take on a new light. I enjoyed them, not because they brought me pleasure, but because I learned something I needed to know, and grew because of it. That’s worth noting at the end of the year. If your going to read on, just be forewarned:

‘Trigger Alert’

I might ruin your day.


Why You Should Teach Your Kids To Swear According To Science

This is fascinating to me because the ‘general consensus’ of what parents should do is just flat wrong, and for fairly obvious reasons. Now we have plenty of research to back up our own personal experiences. Yeah science! But seriously, parenting is hard, and this is an overlooked responsibility. We need to teach our children to communicate.

The most telling moment: Kavanaugh goes after Sen. Klobuchar
There has been some really ugly shit this year. Foul, ugly shit. If we don’t take the time to learn from it we are doomed. I present this article to you because I learned from it. I learned what experts with a great deal of experience with this specific type of behavior saw when Brett Kavanaugh testified before the Senate. There is a reason Saturday Night Live mocked him mercilessly. Seriously, after you read that article, you need to click that link and watch the SNL skit to have laugh. Get all that ugliness out with humor.

Why We Worry and What to Do About It
This article is by James Clear the author of my favorite book of the year, Atomic Habits The book is really good because it’s actionable AND it’s interesting. I’ve included this article because of the new angle it presents on anxiety, and the connections provided in the book give us actionable long term ways to adapt our own behavior to improve our selves. I imagine I’ll be including a lot more of James Clear’s work in my personal future.

This is a great article, and the advice applies to many situations other than just dating. TL;DR: Anytime you say “everyone” it’s not about them, it’s about you. The article is by Mark Manson, the author of one of my other favorite books of the year, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. His work has a philosophical bent, and I enjoy it. He is very prolific, like James Clear, and I’m sure I’ll be referencing his work for a long time. It’s that good. It’s only three minutes long, and meant as just a taste of his work.

You didn’t think I’d forget, did you? Ok. Now it’s time to talk about Russia!

How many Russians can you fit in a car?
Seriously. But wait, there’s more…
Bear Steals Car As Owner Watches From Tree!
Those crazy Russians! They crack me up.

Slav King …. Is amazing.

I may add more here, as I come across stuff in January, so subscribe on WordPress or follow me on Twitter etc…



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