Connect the dots: JFK

Picture this: I was about 10 years old, and the only child having dinner with my mother, grandparents, and extended family. “What about the JFK conspiracy?” I said.  “Ha ha ha!”, my uncle burst into laughter, everyone got a good laugh, and on they went with dinner.  This was my first experience with conspiracy theories, and I’ll never forget it.

Here I am, as an adult, and I can understand the “adult” perspective.  However, I still have the same questions I had as a kid.  The “Why?” and the “How?” really stuck in my head. Today, as adults we are getting more answers.

The bottom line is this:

How?  Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK.  Were there more shooters?  Not likely.  More documents may be released later this year. Stay tuned.

Why? Lee Harvey Oswald was unstable, and easily compromised.  To me, it looks like he got the “full meal deal” from the KGB(Checkists) and the Cubans.  They did the Russian spy treatment on him, and he fell for it.  What?

Let me show you:

Conspiracy = konspiratsiya

This whole JFK thing fits what the KGB wants for a conspiracy to a tee.

Compromised = kompromat

The KGB and the Cubans created plenty of “compromising” material to “push” Oswald.  What do I mean?  There is an alleged sexual relationship with a Cuban woman.  Whether it happened or not is irrelevant.  It is kompromat.  The Russians would love this.

Further, the KGB “pulled” Oswald via his hero Castro.  I think the mechanism for this is well documented, and now we know the CIA was very concerned about this.  I can completely understand why the CIA would want to bury this.

Fascinating stuff.  Now, as I adult, I feel like my questions about Lee Harvey Oswald’s motive have been completely answered.

Have my questions about “How?” been answered?  Yes, but that’s a different story.

Why am I talking about this now?  Hmmmm….  It makes me feel good to understand the motives involved in something as big as this.  I think that’s kind of important relative to current political events.  Sometimes we need a little mental stability in the storm of all this DEZA(Dezinformatsiya).  Figuring out people’s motive’s sure helps me.

What do you think?

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