Why do I need an ad blocker?

Hackers use anti-adblocking service to deliver nasty malware attack.

There are lots of reasons why, but isn’t this enough?  To summarize the article, visitors to The Economist’s website received some yummy malware courtesy of anti-adblocking software.

Another way to put the problem is this:  Ad companies are getting increasingly desperate for  ways to monetize your attention.  Ethics went out the window a long time ago.  The only way to put some balance back in the system is for us to use ad-blockers aggressively when surfing the web.

I saw this link today on Daring Fireball Here:

The Economist Delivered Malware

This is my first attempt at a link blog entry.  I spotted this episode on twitter some time ago, but frankly I’m not sure where first.  (@marcoarment  ?)  Don’t hesitate to suggest better ways to connect to the original sources.

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