How to learn about Siri with Apple TV

It turns out that I’m not the only one exploring how to use Siri right now.  If you’ve got a new Apple TV with Siri, then you need to practice the tips in this article:

Siri Commands on Apple TV – MacSparky

This would be a great opportunity to practice using reminders with Siri like I mentioned yesterday.  You could say “Hey Siri, remind me to check out that cool blog when I get home tonight.”

FYI: I don’t think this is the best way to remind yourself of something like this, but it does work well as an example.  If it were me, I’d say “Hey Siri, add check out that blog about Apple TV commands to my Inbox list.”  Then, a reminder would show up when I look at my Inbox, but that’s a whole other blog post…

If you have trouble getting Siri to interpret your commands correctly pay attention to the pacing of your voice.  You’ll need to pause for a bit after you say “Hey Siri”.  You can wait until you hear a beep, but I just pause a bit.  Then, try to speak your request naturally, like you would to another person.  Siri works best for me when I speak using my normal cadence and volume levels.  She’s very quick in iOS 9.1, compared to older versions.  I don’t slow down, or over enunciate at all.

Example: I just had Siri look up how to spell “enunciate” for me.  My first thought was to use my MacBook because I was typing.  I used voice dictation on the MacBook, and it came back with “annunciate”.  Well, that wasn’t what I wanted.  I’m sure my vowels weren’t perfect, but it occurred to me that I thought Siri would do better.  My iPhone is sitting next to me, so I just said “Hey Siri, how do you spell enunciate?” like I would to another person in the room.  BAM!  She, was spelling the word out correctly in about half a second.  wow.  Game changer.

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