Hey Siri, tell me what to do with you…

Siri is amazing.  I think it’s a game changer.  What do we do with it though?  I’ve come up with some ideas for how to train myself to use Siri more, and I’m going to share them with you.  Let’s get started!

Say this out loud: “Hey Siri, what can you do?”

You’ll get a list of things Siri can do.  If you’re like me, you’re probably overwhelmed by this list.  It’s going to take some repetition to practice the ideas on this list to the point where they are second nature.

Here’s a way Siri can help with that:

Say “Hey Siri, remind me to practice using Siri every day at 11 am.”  Then, Siri will remind you to look over your options daily.

This is also a quick way to introduce my favorite Siri feature.  Reminders.  I’m constantly using Siri to remind myself.  It’s awesome, but the syntax took me a bit of practice.  I think a bit of trial and error goes a long way with this, but I’ll cover it more later too.  For now, just play with it.

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